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Hardwood Refinishing

Have the hardwood floors in your home become dull and damaged?  At Angus Hardwood, we can turn back the sands of time and make them look like new again. 

We will give your existing hardwood floors a sanding, staining, & finishing.  To make sure your floors are both looking their best and made to last, we include two machine passes, three coats of heavy-duty sealer and one coat of heavy-duty polyurethane.  Our restoration services include patching and damaged boards replacements.  We can add to existing floors with a seamless extension. 

Why Choose Hardwood?

A hardwood floor is an investment that will last a long time. When choosing your new floor installation our service begins by providing design consultation and advice. We will work with you so that your new flooring compliment your furniture, wall colours and lighting conditions - giving you the perfect living area.