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Choosing The Right Finish


Surface finishes are blends of synthetic resins that are durable, water resistant, and low maintenance. There are several types of surface finishes that we can help you choose from.


Clear and resist turning yellow over time. Dries in two or three hours. Ultra-durable. Water-based finishes provide a beautiful sheen to the hardwood.


Amber colour. Dries in about eight hours. Ultra-durable. Like water-based finishes, oil-based finishes provide a gorgeous sheen to hardwood.  

Products Used: 

BONA - waterborne finishes are low in VOC’s and offer superior wear resistance. They are the perfect choice for any floor from bedroom to busy international airport. Gives you quality durability and beauty for your hardwood floor.

PALLMANN - waterborne hardwood floor finish for residential or light commercial applications. This highly durable finish has excellent wear and chemical resistance and provides a deep, rich appearance. Gives homeowners a beautiful hardwood floor that is protected and enjoyed for years to come.